Many people binge-watched movies, baking shows, and organized their closets during COVID, but not the “Mad Twins,” Olga and Vira Ishchuk! They hunkered down in the Ukraine and spent months animating a brand new NOFX video for “The Big Drag!” The song is lifted off their latest full-length, Single Album, and you can pick it up via our webstore.  Check out what Fatty had to say, and head to our YouTube page to watch the journey unfold. 

I’m more excited than….. a very excited person would be about this video! Why? Firstly because I didn’t have to do anything but write the song. I asked the Mad Twins from the Ukraine to choose a song from our album to make a video for. They said it would have to be “The Big Drag.” They wanted something very dark…. They wrote the treatment for it and I was blown away. It’s nothing that I would have ever thought of. Well, I threw in a couple things. 😈 They said it would take them 6 months of working 10 hours a day to finish it…. They also said it sucks balls to live in the Ukraine during Covid in the winter. Well, they finished it in 5 months!!!! And wow!!!!! They fucking killed!!!  

Thank you Olga and Vira! You’re amazing!  

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