Revolver Premieres Brand New Western Addiction Video!

Revolver is premiering a brand new Western Addiction video: “They Burned Our Paintings.” The lead single comes from their upcoming album Frail Bray, due out on May 15th.  Nose-dive over to Revolver and watch the stunningly surreal video unfold. Here's what vocalist Jason Hall had to say about the track: 

"They Burned Our Paintings" is about degenerate art in the 1920s and 30s, so it made perfect sense the video would be set in a gallery. We chose to shoot at the renowned 111 Minna Gallery because it was important to showcase the live portion of our video in a space that supports art in San Francisco, which is becoming rare. The band loves and follows art. I am by no means a studied art-historian but I find it calming to walk the museums of SF, especially the Legion of Honor. I love everything about the art scene, the gross, and the grand, and it baffles me as to what catches the cultural wind and what doesn't. I feel that when the band slows down, I'll start painting again. The images in the video are from artists featured in the world's most famous exhibition in Munich in 1937. My favorite pieces are from Hans Richter, and I also like Oskar Schlemmer, the Bauhaus artist.