Live in a Dive: Bracket

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FAT602 - February 26, 2002

All the hard-to-find Bracket hits performed live and on one record! This thing is loaded with goodies like cool comic book artwork and an enhanced disc, AND it comes complete with witty onstage banter and heckling from the crowd! No knives were thrown at Marty during the taping of this show.

17 song CD & LP (108 on yellow vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Trailer Park
2. Green Apples
3. Hearing Aid
4. Warren’s Song Pt. 8
5. Huge Balloon
6. Talk Show
7. Warren’s Song Pt. 2
8. Hermit
9. Happy To Be Sad
10. Circus Act
11. Back To Allentown
12. J. Weed
13. Sour
14. Lazy
15. Parade
16. 2RAK005
17. Rod’s Post

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