Frenzal Rhomb

A Man's Not A Camel

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Release #595 - June 15, 1999

A man may not be a camel, but a Sepo is definitely not an American and “dead horse” is no way to say “ketchup.” Cultural differences aside, Frenzal Rhomb are a group of Aussies who really know how to rock!

15 song CD & LP

Track Listing

1. Never Had So Much Fun
2. You Are Not My Friend
3. It’s Up To You
4. I Know Everything About Everything
5. I Miss My Lung
6. We’re Going Out Tonight
7. Let’s Drink A Beer
8. I Know Why Dinosaurs Became Extinct…
9. I Don’t Need Your Loving
10. Self Destructor
11. I’m The Problem With Society
12. Do You Wanna Fight Me?
13. Methadone
14. Writing’s On The Wall
15. Summer’s Here

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