Joey Cape

Doesn’t Play Well With Others

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FAT928 - March 18, 2014

Joey’s second solo album, originally recorded and released in 2011. Features 12 songs that move into a realm of expanded instrumentation and songwriting from Bridge. Don’t let the cover fool you. This album is all business.

Standard Color Vinyl Limited to 259 (no longer available)
Deluxe Colored Vinyl limited to 154 (Bundle Only - no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Going for the Bronze
2. Okay
3. It’s Always Sunny
4. The Fish Rots from the Head-Case Down
5. Montreal
6. Drag
7. Uniform
8. The Greatest Generation
9. No Mirror
10. I’m Not Gonna Save You
11. A Song for the Missing
12. I Always Knew This Was Going To End Badly

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