The Lawrence Arms

Apathy And Exhaustion

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Release #637 - February 12, 2002

Their breakthrough release and Fat Wreck debut! Inspired by copious amounts of cheap beer, daytime television, and brutal Midwest weather, Apathy and Exhaustion is the shit that all the kids are talking about. Deal with it.

11 song CD & LP
1st Pressing: 219 on green vinyl, no longer available.
2nd Pressing: 331 on cloudy pink vinyl, no longer available.
2021 pressing: 474 on white vinyl, no longer available.

Track Listing

1. Porno And Snuff Films
2. The First Eviction Notice
3. Navigating The Windward Passage
4. Your Gravest Words
5. Boatless Booze Cruise Part 1
6. Brickwall Views
7. The Corpses Of Our Motivations
8. I’ll Take What’s In The Box, Monty
9. Right As Rain Part 2
10. 3am QVC Shopping Spree Hangover
11. Abracadaver

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