The Lawrence Arms

Oh! Calcutta!

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FAT703 - March 07, 2006

No wacky concept records or cryptic liner notes for this one. Just their best songs, and most cohesive album yet. That, and some Sharpie mustaches.

12 song CD & LP (240 on blue vinyl, no longer available)

2021 pressing: 432 on yellow vinyl. No Longer Available.

Track Listing

1. The Devil’s Takin’ Names
2. Cut It Up
3. Great Lakes/Great Escapes
4. Recovering The Opposable Thumb
5. Beyond The Embarassing Style
6. Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, God
7. Jumping The Shark
8. Lose Your Illusion 1
9. Requiem Revisted
10. Key To The City
11. Old Dogs Never Die
12. Like A Record Player
13. The Rabbit and The Rooster (Streaming only)

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