The Sainte Catherines

Dancing For Decadence

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FAT709 - March 21, 2006

Say what you want about French-Canadians, but you can’t deny their ability to rock it. Six crusties deliver a dozen songs inspired by Poutine, cigarettes, and Ketchup-flavored chips. Le yum!

12 song CD & LP (220 on yellow vinyl, No Longer Available)

10 Year Anniversary repress in 2016:
548 on red vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Burn Guelph Burn
2. Ring Of Fire = 4 Points
3. Confession Of A Revolutionary Bourgeois Part 3
4. Get Your Politics Out Of My Hair
5. Hau Weg Die Scheisse
6. Emo-Ti-Cons: Punk Rock Experts
7. The Shape Of Drunks To Come
8. I’d Rather Be Part Of The Dying Bungee Scene
9. Us Against The Music
10. If There’s Black Smoke Over A Bridge, It’s Over
11. International Badminton Championship: La P’Tite Grise vs. Jef
12. Track & Field Style

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