Against Me!

Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live in London!!!

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Release #716 - August 22, 2006

17 live tracks (one previously unreleased) and a live video that capture the unbridled enthusiasm and excitement of the Against Me! live show. You can practically smell the sweat.

17 song CD & double LP

Track Listing

1. A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction
2. From Her Lips To God’s Ears (The Energizer)
3. Rice and Bread
4. Reinventing Axl Rose
5. Americans Abroad
6. Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious…
7. Miami
8. Don’t Lose Touch
9. Unprotected Sex with Multiple Partners
10. Sink, Florida, Sink
11. You Look Like I Need a Drink
12. Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fists
13. T.S.R.
14. Problems
15. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
16. Cliche Guevara
17. We Laugh at Danger and Break All the Rules

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