American Steel

Destroy Their Future

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FAT724 - October 02, 2007

The triumphant return of adored East Bay / Gilman scene punks, American Steel. Twelve soulful songs with their signature cultured lyrics that are a perfect amalgam of the band’s previous albums Rogues’ March and Jagged Thoughts. Fourth full length release and Fat Wreck debut.

12 Song CD & LP (232 white colored vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Sons of Avarice
2. Dead and Gone
3. Mean Streak
4. Love and Logic
5. Smile on Me
6. Razorblades
7. Old Croy Road
8. To the Sea
9. Or, Don’t You Remember?
10. Speak, Oh Heart
11. Hurtlin’
12. More Like a Dream

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