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Fat Music For Wrecked People: Groez Cruise 2016

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FAT959GROEZ - April 29, 2016

Fat Music For Wrecked People: Groez Cruise 2016 was available exclusively at Groezrock 2016 in Meerhout, Belgium.

These are now available in our European Web store HERE

250 on Translucent Yellow / Translucent Blue Swirl Vinyl.
295 on Opaque Magenta / Olive Green Swirl Vinyl.
54 on Black Vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Useless ID - We Don’t Want The Airwaves
2. face to face - See If I Care
3. Night Birds - Mutiny At Muscle Beach
4. PEARS - Green Star
5. Leftöver Crack - System Fucked
6. Mean Jeans - Michael Jackson Was Tight
7. Get Dead - Silence
8. Direct Hit - Forced To Sleep
9. NOFX - Sid & Nancy
10. Joey Cape - Moral Compass

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