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Fat Music Vol. V: Live Fat, Die Young

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FAT613 - March 06, 2001

Heads up sportsfans! Our latest episode of famous Fat comps, Fat Music Volume V: Live Fat, Die Young, features 20 previously unreleased songs from all the Fat bands you know and love! Fat kids throughout the the world will be giving up extreme sports for good after hearing this!

20 song CD & LP

524 on pink vinyl. No longer available.

Track Listing

1. Zero Down - Down This Road
2. No Use For A Name - Let Me Down
3. Anti-Flag - Seattle Was A Riot
4. Good Riddance - Always
5. Fabulous Disaster - Flesh And Bones
6. Sick Of It All - I Believe
7. Mad Caddies - Shut The Door
8. Consumed - Dear James
9. Strung Out - Novacain
10. Bracket - Hearing Aid
11. Frenzal Rhomb - Prognosis: Fuck You
12. NOFX - San Francisco Fat
13. Rise Against - Join The Ranks
14. Lagwagon - Alison’s Disease
15. Wizo - R.A.F.
16. Propagandhi - War Is Peace, Slavery Is Freedom, May All Your Interventions Be Humanitarian.
17. Tilt - Bad Place
18. SNUFF - Who’s Asking
19. Me First And The Gimme Gimmes - Hats Off To Larry
20. Swingin' Utters - I Follow

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