Strung Out

Live in a Dive: Strung Out

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FAT652 - June 22, 2003

21 live songs from every era of Strung Out’s illustrious career, PLUS killer comic book artwork done by frontman Jason Cruz. They play lotsa rare stuff on this here live record, so everyone is in for a treat!

21 song CD & double LP (220 on red/green vinyl, no longer available)

2023 Pressing:
348 on half n half w/ black splatter vinyl. No Longer Available.
334 on Blue/Yellow blob vinyl. No Longer Available.

Track Listing

1. Too Close To See
2. Monster
3. Ultimate Devotion
4. The Kids
5. Everyday
6. Population Control
7. Velvet Alley
8. Bring Out Your Dead
9. Rottin’ Apple
10. Klawstraphobia
11. Lost Motel
12. Razor Sex
13. Support Your Troops
14. Barfly
15. Savant
16. Exhumation Of Virginia Madison
17. In Harm’s Way
18. Don’t Look Back
19. Cult Of The Subterranean
20. Bark At The Moon
21. Matchbook

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