No Use For A Name

Making Friends

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FAT557 - August 19, 1997

Bay area punk wonder-boys No Use For A Name have begun pleading for your friendship. Show your love for the boys, who were each reared with the ideals of Boy Scout Troup #221, by giving ’em wet sloppy ones when they come to your town.

12 song CD & LP

2022 - 25th Anniversary Pressing:
1500 on White w/ Green Splatter (Webstore Color)
500 on Half Red Half Turquoise (Bundle Color)
210 on Trans Yellow with White Splatter (FAT Record store)
149 on Campfire Fire Burst Splatter (Euro Store)
100 on Gold (Band exclusive)

Track Listing

1. The Answer Is Still No
2. Invincible
3. Growing Down
4. On the Outside
5. A Postcard Would Be Nice
6. Secret
7. Best Regards
8. Revenge
9. Sidewalk
10. Three Month Weekend
11. Sitting Duck
12. Fields of Athenry

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