Screeching Weasel

Television City Dream (Reissue)

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FAT761 - November 09, 2010

With vastly improved sound quality, additional songs, and a whole new look, this incarnation of Television City Dream is essentially a new album altogether.

20 Song CD/LP

*Bonus Tracks (TVCD outtakes)
(300 on Red vinyl, no longer available. 298 on Yellow vinyl, no longer available at

Track Listing

1. Count to Three
2. Speed of Mutation
3. Dummy Up
4. Video *
5. Your Morality
6. Dirty Needles
7. Punk Rock Explained *
8. Breaking Point
9. My Own World *
10. Outside of You
11. We Are the Generation X
12. Identity Crisis
13. The First Day of Winter
14. Crybaby *
15. Shut the Hell Up *
16. Plastic Bag
17. I Don’t Give a Fuck
18. Only a Test
19. Pervert at Large
20. Burn It Down

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