Smoke Or Fire

The Speakeasy

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FAT735 - November 09, 2010

The Speakeasy is undoubtedly the band’s Pièce de résistance. Every element of The Speakeasy suggests that Smoke Or Fire have finally realized their potential. The Speakeasy is a complete album in the truest sense, lacking nothing, while offering varied, yet equally enthralling melodies and music on each of the 13 tracks.


327 on Red Colored Vinyl (No Longer Available)

Track Listing

1. Integrity
2. Monsters Among Us
3. 1968
4. Sleepwalking
5. Neon Light
6. Hope & Anchor
7. Honey I Was Right About the War
8. Porch Wine
9. Everything Falls Apart
10. Expatriate
11. The Speakeasy
12. Shotgun
13. Utah

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