Strung Out

Transmission. Alpha. Delta

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FAT920 - March 24, 2015

True to form, the band continues to evolve their patented sound on Transmission.Alpha.Delta through 12 new tracks saturated with lightning fast riffs, clobbering rhythms, and fresh vocal melodies.


461 on Striped Vinyl (No Longer Available)
479 on Oxblood and Black vinyl (No Longer Available)
106 on Splatter – Fat Wreck Chord store version (No Longer Available)
600 on White Splatter (No Longer Available)
590 on Black Splatter (No Longer Available)

Track Listing

1. Rats in the Walls
2. Rebellion of the Snakes
3. The Animal and the Machine
4. Modern Drugs
5. Black Maps
6. Spanish Days
7. Tesla
8. Nowheresville
9. Magnolia
10. Go It Alone
11. No Apologies
12. Westcoasttrendkill

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