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No Way Out But Through

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FAT146 - Sept 10, 2021

No Way Out But Through was produced by Seigfried Meier and brims with arena-sized choruses and big guitars.

12 Song CD/LP/Digital.

1,250 on color vinyl. Web color
724 on color vinyl. Bundle color
355 on color vinyl. EU retail color.
150 on color vinyl. Fat Record Store Exclusive
100 on Gold Vinyl. Artist exclusive color.

Track Listing

1. Black Eye Specialist
2. No Way out But Through
3. A Miss Is as Good as a Mile
4. Blanked Out
5. Anonymous
6. Ruination Here We Come
7. Long Way Down
8. Vertigo-go
9. You Were Wrong About Me
10. Spit Shine
11. This Is My Vanishing Act
12. Farewell Song


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