Double Plaidinum (25th Anniversary)

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FAT558 - August 19, 1997

Shunning the major label corporate crap that accompanies the charting of records with labels like Platinum and Gold, Lagwagon aspires to achieve little more than the coveted Double Plaidinum award with this, their fourth release on Fat.

12 song CD & LP

2022 - 25th Anniversary Pressing:
2500 on Trans Purple with Orange&White Splatter (Webstore color)
500 on Metallic Green Marble (Bundle color)
200 on Clear with Highlighter Yellow Blob (FAT Record Store)
100 on Gold (Band)

Track Listing

1. Alien 8
2. Making Friends
3. Unfurnished
4. One Thing to Live
5. Today
6. Confession
7. Bad Scene
8. Smile
9. Twenty Seven
10. Choke
11. Failure
12. To All My Friends

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