Joey Cape

A Good Year To Forget

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FAT140 - Aug. 13, 2021
LP release date: Jan. 2022


A Good Year To Forgeta record that was written during a year that saw him lose his father, separate from his wife of 20 years, contract COVID, and move back in with his parents as a result of a livelihood lost. Pretty heavy themes here but all extremely relatable.


Color vinyl. Website color.

500 Color vinyl. Website bundle color.

300 on color vinyl. EU retail record store color

150 on color vinyl. Fat Record Store Exclusive

Track Listing

  1. A Good Year to Forget
  2. Nickel and Lead
  3. The Poetry in Our Mistakes
  4. It Could Be Real
  5. Check Your Ego at the Door
  6. We Might Be Wrong
  7. Saturday Night Fever
  8. Under the Doormat
  9. Infertile Ground
  10. Heavy Lies the Head
  11. Fictional
  12. Come Home


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