Frenzal Rhomb

The Cup of Pestilence

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FAT162 - April 7, 2023

It’s Frenzal Rhomb’s new album The Cup Of Pestilence! Drink long and deep of its zest. Its lifegiving succour. Its mad riffs. I’ll probably stop with the weird medieval stuff now.


Track Listing

1. Where Drug Dealers Take Their Kids
2. Gone to the Dogs 
3. The Wreckage
4. Dead Man’s Underpants 
5. Lil Dead$hit 
6. Laneway Dave 
7. Instant Coffee 
8. Dog Tranquiliser 
9. I Think My Neighbour Is Planning to Kill Me 
10. Horse Meat 
11. How to Make Gravox 
12. Deathbed Darren 
13. Tontined 
14. Fireworks 
15. Hospitality and Violence 
16. Those People 
17. Old Mate Neck Tattoo 
18. Finally I Can Get Arrested in This Town 
19. Thought It Was Yoga but It Was Ketamine

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