Joey Cape

Bad Loud – Volume One

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FAT930 - March 18, 2014

With Bad Loud, Joey put together a band with the intent of playing straight-ahead, old-fashioned rock. Just vox, drums, bass, and guitar, the way the genre was originally conceived. 12 tracks consisting of originals and rock versions of Joey’s solo songs.

Standard Color Vinyl Limited to 251 (no longer available)
Deluxe Colored Vinyl limited to 154 (Bundle Only – no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Canoe
2. Going For The Bronze
3. Okay
4. Montreal
5. This Is Their Night
6. Uniform
7. It’s Always Sunny
8. Who We’ve Become
9. The Greatest Generation
10. The Fish Rots from the Head-Case Down
11. I’m Not Gonna Save You
12. A Song for the Missing

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