Joey Cape

Joey Cape - One Week Record

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FAT987 - September 01, 2017

“I have been playing Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut songs for years at my acoustic shows. Some songwriters feel more comfortable keeping their solo work and band work separated but, I have always liked hearing a full band song stripped down. Most of my material began on acoustic so it seems natural to play them at acoustic shows and in some cases record them. This “One Week Record” is 10 of those songs revisited and somewhat revised. I enjoyed recording them. The record includes members from the One Week Family – Brian Wahlstrom, Walt Hamburger, Laura Mardon, and Yotam Ben Horin. I hope you enjoy listening!” – Joey Cape


210 tour version color vinyl.
520 on color vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Burden of Proof / Reign
2. Laymens Terms
3. Sick
4. E Dagger
5. Days of New
6. Waiting
7. Goodmorning Night
8. Obsolete Absolute
9. The Worst
10. One More Song

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