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FAT651 - August 27, 2002

Ten years on the ‘Wagon and still lagging. This re-issue is a must-have collection of rarities, out-takes, long hair, old-ass demos, and covers. Some of this shit should have never been released, but that could be said for all our records! Originally released in 2000 on Joey’s now-defunct label My Records.

25 song CD

Track Listing

1. A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry
2. Narrow Straits
3. Burn That Bridge When We Get To It
4. Losing Everyone
5. Jimmy Johnson
6. Eat Your Words
7. Want
8. Bring On The Dancing Horses
9. Randal Gets Drunk
10. Raise A Family
11. Restrain
12. No One Like You
13. Freedom Of Choice
14. Brodeo
15. Drive By
16. Wind In Your Sail
17. Over The Hill
18. Defeat You
19. Laymens Terms
20. Jazzy Jeff
21. The Champ
22. Demented Rumors
23. Truth And Justice
24. No Conviction
25. Jaded Ways

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