Frenzal Rhomb

Sans Souci

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FAT655 - June 01, 2003

Kangaroo Jack meets Mick Dundee in the pit! Jeez, if these guys weren’t from Australia, what the hell would we write about them? Oh yeah, they’re a great punk band that love animals and are funny onstage. Crikey!

16 song CD

Track Listing

1. Stand Up & Be Cunted
2. Russell Crowe’s Band
3. Punisher
4. Ballchef
5. Bucket Bong
6. Looking Good
7. Greyhound
8. Lead Poisoned Jean
9. Who’d Be A Cop?
10. White World
11. Cocksucker
12. World’s Fuckedest Cunt
13. 60, Beautiful & Mine
14. I Went Out With A Hippy & Now I Love Everyone Except For Her
15. All The Kids Are Having Kids
16. You’ll Go To Jail

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