Frenzal Rhomb

Shut Your Mouth

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FAT621 - March 20, 2001

After a year on an Aboriginal walkabout, the four Aussies of Frenzal Rhomb have returned with Shut Your Mouth! Their second FAT full length and their best record to date, Frenzal Rhomb are the Southern Hemisphere’s premier punk outfit! Enhanced CD.

16 song CD & LP

Track Listing

1. Everything’s Fucked
2. Had Enough
3. Runaway
4. Coming Home
5. Weekend
6. Home Made Video
7. The Best Guy
8. Dance-ecution
9. Nothing’s Wrong
10. Rats In The Walls
11. Cheer Up
12. Local Resident Failure
13. War
14. Sodom The Clown
15. I Love Fucking Up
16. Don’t Let The Bastards Keep You Down

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