The Lawrence Arms

The Greatest Story Ever Told

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FAT668 - September 23, 2003

This circus-themed record captures all the lunacy and greatness that is the Larry Arms. The kids (that’s you guys) tell us it’s their best shit yet, so there ya go.

14 song CD & LP (219 on burgundy vinyl, no longer available)

2018 repress for Classic Color Vinyl Subscription series:
963 on olive green vinyl.

Track Listing

1. Introduction (The Ramblin’ Boys Of Pleasure Sing The Hobo Clown Chorus)
2. The Raw And Searing Flesh
3. On With The Show
4. Drunk Mouth Kitchen Smile
5. Alert The Audience!
6. Fireflies
7. The March Of The Elephants
8. Chapter 13: The Hero Appears
9. Hesitation Station
10. The Revisionist
11. The Ramblin’ Boys Of Pleasure
12. A Wishful Puppeteer
13. The Disaster March
14. Outro (Hobo Reprise)

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