Teenage Bottlerocket

They Came From the Shadows

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FAT747 - September 15, 2009

The release of their third full-length, They Came From the Shadows, marks their first Fat Wreck Chords release, and easily their most anticipated offering to date. They Came From the Shadows is comprised of 14 straight forward punk rock gems, laced with the unforgettable melodies that have become the calling card of TBR.

CD/LP (536 on green vinyl, no longer available)

Track Listing

1. Skate Or Die
2. Don’t Want To Go
3. Bigger Than Kiss
4. Do What?
5. Not OK
6. Forbidden Planet
7. Call In Sick
8. Fatso Goes Nutzoid
9. Without You
10. Tonguebiter
11. Be With You
12. The Jerk
13. They Came From The Shadows
14. Todayo

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