Mean Jeans

Tight New Dimension

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FAT955 - April 22, 2016

With two full-lengths under their belt on Dirtnap Records, and a slew of 7”s; Fat finally landed these party animals for their much anticipated third album. Tight New Dimension furthers the band’s absurdist party-punk agenda. The music is tight, Ramones-influenced pop-punk with garage-rock attitude.


500 on Pink Vinyl. No Longer Available.

Track Listing

1. Long Dumb Road
2. Nite Vision
3. Croozin’
4. Michael Jackson Was Tight
5. 2 Far Out 4 Me
6. Trash Can
7. Last Nite on Earth
8. 4 Coors Meal
9. Allergic To Success
10. I Don’t Care That I Don’t Care
11. Ripped Shattered and Alone
12. Are There Beers in Heaven?

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